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Figured this site would be useful for those that made it through to the end. Their products really work, so make sure you buy the supporting bracelets

a trustworthy review can be found here, scroll down to #1.


It was a perverse pleasure toiling away for 6 hours every Saturday with you guys. Hopefully, most of you will still have the will to live, and possibly continue the program. Maybe we'll cross paths again. Good luck!

Quark 8 is coming...

in August. Just thought I would let the 2 designers that still use it know it will soon be available. and apparently it will be like having InDesign CS3 without Photoshop or Illustrator and 3 years late. But hey, they try. Maybe this time Quark won't have to spend most of its time defending its plagiaristic logo practices.

I have Quark 7 at work, but I only use it for one project: an alumni magazine that hasn't been converted to InDesign. Maybe one day soon that will change.

blu -- muto wall animation

the time and effort to create this animation is unbelievable. check out the artist's website here.


Bloggy McBloggson

when i have a leisure moment i enjoy skimming blog sites for upcoming movies. lately, they are helpful in determining what movies i will see, because i don't as much time any more. i also like spoilers, even though they almost always ruin the movie for me. a few of the general sites are Aint It Cool News, The Movie Blog, and Rotten Tomatoes.

My favorite, however, is /Film. I check this site at least 3 times a day. The writing is always funny and enlightening about upcoming movies, hollywood insider scoops into how the movies get made, and reviews of some of the better movies out. a definite must read for popcorn movie buffs.

Collection part 2 :: Kirk Gibson baseball cards

My first collection as a child was Kirk Gibson baseball cards. I started casually buying packs of cards from a local card dealer when I was 7 or 8. He suggested I collect one individual player. I had no idea at the time who my favorite player should be, so he suggested Kirk Gibson, because we were both from Michigan. I followed Mr. Gibson's career through collecting his cards, I believe I have over 200. I even drew pictures and logos of the teams he played for (my first taste of graphic design.) I'm not sure where the collection is now, hopefully safe in my parent's attic. 

This video from youtube reminded me of my collection. Its a recounting of the 1988 world series, game 1 using only baseball cards as visuals to the commentary. the game is most remembered for the game winning home run blasted by Mr. Gibson in the bottom of the 9th, 2 out, 1 on—and Mr. Gibson that evening was sick with the flu, and had two bum knees and could barely walk.

Collection part 1 :: Wooden Books

I will probably bring these into share, as they are the least embarrassing of my collections. I haven't actually collected much of anything since high school. Guess time and money are no longer on my side. 

One thing I do collect is Wooden Books. These little tomes cover a wide variety of subjects, from math, science, art and astronomy. I particularly enjoy the geometry/pattern books. These are not rare by any means, but there are several to buy. I enjoy picking one up from amazon.com whenever I need something to get me over the $25 limit for super saver shipping. (books only cost $6-$8.)